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A website is a digital presence of your web pages, images, video etc. Talking about the importance of the website in digital marketing is very vast. Websites are the most important element of the internet. 

Why in Digital marketing?

Your website is the key to success in digital marketing because it represents your brand digitally.

As per an analysis report, 70% per cent of the youngsters use mobile phones for social networking, news, shopping, music, games etc. Digital marketing helps us to reach this audience through ads, social media and emails. Almost 80% of users shop online. Where they shop? Amazon and Flipkart they are also a website. So from here, you have got an idea of a website why it’s important. Today we give more preference to a website for advertisements. This is because we can Monitor the analytics report.

Importance Of Website In Digital Marketing

  • A website usually represents our brand/products when we are not available because it is accessible 24/7/365.
  • In such a busy life we all want our own comfort zone so why to drive and shop by searching buy it online.
  • Having a great website helps you to have great credibility.
  • Having an online presence tends a customer to buy 24/7.
  • Online advertisements on a website usually attract customer easily.
  • Feel free to have a professional website by commenting.
  • A professional can produce lead generation. Search Engine Optimization helps you to get more organic leads, this can be helpful for small business.
  • Advertising cost is very less.

I request you to make a user friendly website if you going to start a business or you had a business. A high quality website means that you will have more of a chance of rising above your competition and making more profit.

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