Proven Strategies to increase your Blog Traffic Easily and Quickly

According to the talks, 95% of the blogs fail due to the lack of readership. That’s a huge percentage for the writer’s of the new generation and you must know how to compete in this digital world where experts are already using the strategies to rank their articles/blogs and also increasing their blog traffic by using the exact figures of doing it.

Obviously this didn’t happen overnight and it took a lot of testing, failing and starting all over again. Everybody wants their Blog to be ranked and get more traffic because this is the reason why these web properties exist. But going from 0 to 1,000 and then from 1,000 to 10,000 is not as easy as it looks.

These are some of the Seo Strategies i have used to grow my website traffic including the blog you are reading now. I believe this is the only guide you’ll need if you want to unleash an avalanche of traffic on your blog.

#1 Optimise your blog for SEO

SEO or Search Engine optimisation is the main key for your blog’s day-to-day growing traffic. But why?

  • It will surely give you more conversion.
  • SEO will surely gives you more shares because of heavy traffic e.g. if you are on the first positions of Google then it means that your website is good so people are more willing to share the content than others.
  • SEO will get you more back links since people tend to link to pages found in the first positions of Google.
  • It will surely give you more traffic from Google and other Search engines.

If you want more traffic for your website/Blog then SEO should be your starting point.

#2 Publish High Quality Content

Some people think what’s new in this but for beginners this is very important to create high quality content if they want to increase organic traffic to their blog.

What is high quality content?

This was a million dollar question in the past but over the years search engines have become more advanced and able to spot high quality content.

High Quality content art work of requirements

In summary, Original and Unique. The exact same content is not published on some other website on the web. It must be descriptive and has an author. The content will be sharable so that people like the content and they show this by interacting with the content ( reading it, commenting and sharing ).

If you cannot publish high quality content your chances of getting more blog traffic decreases so either find a way to improve the quality of your content or stop wasting your time because this is not going to happen.

#3 Use Guest Post Stratergy

Guest posting is not just for link building technique but also a great way of promoting your brand by directly pointing the link to your product.

For this, you need to get your posts published on high quality websites with lots of traffic and this is not an easy task.

First of all you need to identify the websites that are good candidates to accept your posts. The idea of just sending your post will not work sometimes. So you need to work smarter and be more creative.

When approaching big websites that accept articles from contributors like Forbes. Inc, socialmediatoday etc. You need to show them your previous work so before contacting them make sure that you have some nice portfolios already ready to show them.

Guest posting for traffic is hard work but it is definitely something that will set your website apart from the rest and this is very good for SEO purposes.

#4 Keyword research for sure

For writing a quality content, keyword research is required for number of reasons.

Keyword research doesn’t have to be a painful or time consuming process. If you are a beginner, here are some tips to do it:

  1. Start with the Google keyword tool – this will give you an estimate of how many people search for a particular keyword. This is your starting point.
  2. Use Google search – start typing in Google search your relevant topics and it will show you related suggestions automatically at the bottom of the screen as ‘related searches’.
  3. Watch what your competitors are doing – montior your competitors website closely and take close note of what articles they are publishing. Your goals is not to copy them but to make your efforts concertante at some relevant place.

Keyword research is an important tool for all your digital marketing efforts.

#5 Social Sharing

Least but the most effective factor of getting relevant traffic to your website or blog. People also talk about choosing Instagram or Facebook for sharing their content.

You should write your content in such a way that people don’t exit without commenting “this helps me” in the comment section of your blog. Never go out of the context and always be with your niche in an article.

Always use Subheadings, Captial letters and much to highlight the relevant text in your article. The best preferred length for ranking an article is around 1500-2000 words. But you you can’t challenge the Google algorithm. They also prefer quality in your content.

Sharing your content in Facebook large groups with catchy headings will do your work and get your website relevant traffic.

Having big social media coverage of yours will get you a decent amount of traffic to your website/blog.

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